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Mom and baby are connected. Now, their care is too.

Mahmee is a HIPAA-secure platform that makes it easy for hospitals, health systems, and their patients to coordinate comprehensive prenatal and postpartum healthcare from anywhere.


Link mom and baby's health records to keep care teams on the same page


We cover pregnancy, nutrition, childbirth, lactation, emotional health, returning to work, and more


Ongoing, unbiased guidance at every age and stage of development

Support from pregnancy through first birthday

We believe that comprehensive maternal healthcare is ongoing education and support that addresses the unique intersection of the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood, as each individual experiences them.

A Place to Get Help

Ask questions and get real, practical answers designed for you. Mahmee's team of board certified lactation consultants, registered nurses, nutritionists and other specialists work alongside everyone else on your care team. We don't close at 5pm and we don't take vacations. And, most importantly, we know there's more than one way to be a great mom.

  • Explain your health concern
  • Get personalized advice from Mahmee
  • Non-judgmental and inclusive

Keep Everyone In Sync

Securely connect your care team and keep everyone up to date on your birth plan, record of care, breastfeeding goals, and key health stats. Track your health in Mahmee to keep important info from falling through the cracks. If there's a concern, we'll follow up with you and alert your physician with your permission.

  • Link providers working in different places
  • Share important info about you and baby
  • Mahmee will follow up with you

Comprehensive Maternal and Child Healthcare

An all-in-one platform for managing care of mom and baby.

Private Messaging
Get timely answers from Mahmee's certified patient care team
Dyadic Chart
Mom and baby's health records, linked together in one place
Log Key Stats
Track weight, milestones, emotional health, and overall wellness
Care Plans
Easy-to-understand guides for self-care during recovery
Virtual Follow-Ups
Check-in between appointments with video and phone calls
Manage Your Care Team
Get everyone in sync on your health goals and care plans
Online Courses
Classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, infant development, and more
Receive Referrals
Keep track of recommended specialists and services
Support Groups
Authentic conversations with moms going through similar experiences
Mahmee Guide
Personalized education designed to help you meet your goals
Mahmee Perks
Treats, discounts and surprises from your favorite brands
Store your personal health information with confidence
Personalized, ongoing education
and support for all families

We're setting a new standard of care

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