World Breastfeeding Week

Over twenty moms breastfeeding freely on a warm Saturday morning? Yes! August 1st – 7th is World Breastfeeding Week and Mahmee celebrated by joining “The Big Latch On“at Layla & Lisette. World Breastfeeding Week calls communities to action to address the importance of supporting women in their efforts to breastfeed at work, at home and everywhere they go. The Big Latch On aims to destigmatize breastfeeding as part of our public and private life. The big takeaway: breastfeeding is awesome and August is a special time to sing it from the rooftops.

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While the Big Latch On occurs all over the world, we decided to join the event at Layla & Lisette, a cute boutique for your hip(ster) baby. They have tons of unique items for baby and moms, too! L & L is located in a distinctive strip of shops called Community.

Courtesy Etsy, found at L&L

Courtesy Etsy, found at L&L

As you step through a slightly hidden gate of succulents, you enter an artsy retail heaven. Like Etsy? You’ll love L & L and their sister shops. It’s hard to hold back from buying gifts for all your friends or grooming your little one to be the next Annie Leibovitz at feeding time.

Community holds true to its name as well. Most of the neighboring shops came together to support L & L with the Big Latch On event. We hung out with folks from Community retailers including Tin & VelvetFan AlleyThe Bent Elbow and PIñANIKA.



At 10:30 am, moms gathered to breastfeed. The babies were from 2 to 18 months old and moms came from all over southern California, bringing spouses, friends or just venturing in solo. It was truly beautiful to see these women connect on such an intimate level.

breastfeeding mamma

breastfeeding moms

You do not have to be alone on your breastfeeding journey. Nursing is an adventure and the road will get bumpy at times. When you hit a rough patch, you’ll need a community to lean on. At Mahmee, it’s online with specialists and virtual moms’ groups. At home, it might be your partner, family or friends. But there are also events like The Big Latch On, when you want to be around other amazing and resilient breastfeeding moms.

Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, we should all come together in celebrating the wonders of motherhood. Lots of love and a big thanks to Layla & Lisette for hosting a Big Latch On event this year and for welcoming us into their Community.

Hosting a mom-centric or baby-friendly event? Send us the details because we’d love to join you!

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