What To Drink

What should I know about keeping hydrated while nursing?

Breastfeeding a baby requires you to consume significant amounts of fluid. Fluids include water, juices, blended drinks, smoothies, shakes and herbal teas. You can also drink some caffeinated drinks, but keep these choices to a minimum. Your consumption of caffeinated beverages and foods should not exceed 4 – 5 drinks in 24 hours. This includes coffee, tea, chocolate drinks and caffeinated sodas.

While you’re nursing, you may experience thirst and many moms also feel hungry. Keep a full sipper bottle or pitcher of water within your reach. Keep a small bowl of mixed nuts and dried fruit handy for snacking. Consider taking snack bags with you in your diaper bag and always have a water bottle or cool drink nearby when you go out with your baby.

Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to blended drinks or shakes a few times a week. If you have a blender at home, you can mix fresh fruit, frozen yogurt or sherbet, a small amount of juice and some ice to make a smoothie of any consistency you prefer. You can also use vegetables in your smoothies, juices or blended drinks.

Like everything you would do to maintain your best health, just don’t overdo it. This includes what you consume while you are breastfeeding. Make sure to avoid excessive fluid intake. Drink to satisfy your thirst and eat well when you are hungry. When you aren’t sure about your nutritional intake, ask for advice from your lactation consultant, physician or nutritional advisor.

Still in need of more nutritional guidance for nursing moms? Send a message to one of the healthcare professionals on our team for more personalized support.

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