Double Duty: Twins Support Group Relaunches

Where can mothers of twins find the info they need?

A new baby is an exciting bundle of joy who needs lots of love and care. Many of our moms are first timers and just getting into the swing of things. You can probably look back on your first little one and recall the late nights, confused look on your partner’s face and the crying. Now imagine everything from birth to birthday, times two. Moms with twins have to work double duty and in turn, encounter different milestones and unique situations.

Mahmee recognizes that every mom is different and moms with twins are in their own class. That’s why we created Virtual Support Groups for Moms. Our virtual support groups are one hour online video chats with a small group of moms and a healthcare provider from Our Team leading the discussion. You have direct access to an expert to ask any questions and you can instantly connect with other moms in the same boat. This fall, we’re planning to launch a number of different groups to provide moms with the best care possible to meet their individual needs.

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of our Twins Group this Tuesday October 6th at 6 – 7pm PST with Doula and Twins Expert Megan Kiachko.

Megan loves twins and ran the initial twins group this summer. We’re excited to have her back online! Check out our interview with Megan to learn more about her background, expertise and passions here.

Twins require double the love and care. Megan and the Mahmee Team are here to double our love for you. Learn more about our Virtual Support Groups today and sign up for the Twins Group here.

Need a little more support with caring for twins? Send a message to our healthcare professionals for personalized care and don’t forget to join our Twins Group online.

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