Treating Plugged Ducts

How can I soothe painfully plugged ducts?

Not to worry, here’s plan of attack to ease your pain and get you back to feeling great:

  • Use a warm compress (either a warm washcloth or heat pack) over the affected breast area for 5-10 minutes before feeding or pumping.
  • Massage the area gently – use olive or coconut oil on your fingertips to help them glide over skin.
  • You should massage toward the axilla (armpit) area gently, as well as occasionally massaging toward the nipple area.
  • Nurse well and nurse often. Don’t allow long periods of time between feeding or pumping, and massage gently while nursing or pumping.
  • If the pain does not resolve within 48-72 hours, call your lactation consultant or doctor for additional help.


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