Treating Mastitis & Other Infections

What can I do if I refuse antibiotics?

After consulting with your doctor, if you decided to skip antibiotics for any infection, including mastitis, you should follow this care plan to ease some of your discomfort and help expel the infection.

Use warm compresses and gentle massages over the affected area towards the axillary nodes in the armpit area to help drain the fluids and bacteria that are causing the infection.

You will also want to nurse your baby and allow for increased time on the affected (infected) breast. It’s also recommended that you pump after nursing to drain the breast completely. If it’s painful to nurse, pumping might be easier until your infection is fully resolved. After nursing or pumping, place a cool cloth or small bag of ice chips over the affected area to prevent the breast tissue from refilling too quickly, reducing pain and swelling in that area.

Another way to help clear a breast infection and prevent additional problems like this from recurring is to begin a plan that includes:

  • a regular nursing or pumping plan
  • nutritious meals and snacks
  • plenty of water and other fluids
  • start taking a food supplement such as Sunflower or Soy Lecithin, which can help reduce thickened milk and in turn prevent plugged ducts and nipple blebs


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