Treating Blebs

How do I deal with a nipple bleb?

Ugh, you found a bleb. You’re not alone, lots of moms have to deal with blebs. Just like a pimple, here’s our suggested method to remove them:

  • Warm the nipple with a warm compress and a salt water solution
  • Leave the compress on the nipple to soften the skin
  • Take a sterile needle and try to pick a small hole to open the tip and release the “old milk”
  • Nurse or pump immediately after opening the tip to remove or release any milk built up inside the duct.
  • Apply a small amount of Polysporin or Bacitracin afterward to begin healing.
  • If this problem persists, call your physician or lactation consultant for additional advice.


To prevent blebs:

  • Try taking sunflower or soy lecithin daily in the morning to help reduce blebs and plugged ducts.


Are blebs causing you pain or discomfort? Talk to one of the lactation consultants on our team for personalized care.

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