The Perfect Diaper Bag

What is the “right” diaper bag for my baby and me?

As the mom of four boys, I’ll tell you the must-haves, pros and cons of each diaper bag in order to save you countless hours, dollars and back aches! I’ve done the research for you:


Goes over one shoulder and has shorter straps. Usually has a zipper or snap to close the bag opening.

  • Pros: Quite stylish. Cute patterns and fabrics to choose from. Many Designer diaper bags are totes.
  • Cons: With a tote, one arm/shoulder is occupied and you can’t quite use it all the way. These diaper bags tend to get heavier, thus hurting your shoulder when you pack too much stuff in them.



Has one long strap and usually a snap or flap to close up the bag opening. This diaper bag usually hangs on your side or hip.

  • Pros: This bag gives you full range of motion with both hands. You can access the contents of the bag quickly. It is also good for babywearing moms.
  • Cons: If you happen to bend over while wearing the bag, contents may tip out. No problem, just put the bag down before you do yoga!




Just as you would expect, there are two straps on this bag and you wear this bag on your back. There is usually a snap or flap that closes the bag opening.

  • Pros: Ultimate hands free. Perfect for moms of toddlers. Partners typically like these types of bags.
  • Cons: Not so great for baby wearing families. If you want to access the diapers in the bag, you’ll have to ask your partner to grab something out of the bag while it’s on your back, or you’ll have to put the bag down.




These bags are designed and often marketed for dads. They typically are messenger bags or a one shoulder backpacks. You’ll find many ‘dad’ patterns and colors, like camo.

  • Pros: Hey, anything to get the guys to carry the diaper bag.
  • Cons: Most have less storage and pockets so guys won’t have a hard time losing, I mean “finding” the contents.




These bags have straps that can convert from one type of bag to another. For example, you might do a quick change from a messenger-style bag to a backpack.

  • Pros: Versatility will ensure that everyone can use the bag style that feels most comfortable to them. Plus, as your baby (and family) grows, you’ll be able to accommodate changing needs.
  • Cons: Some hybrid diaper bags have uncomfortable straps. Those thin, nylon straps can cut into your shoulders if the bag is too heavy.




  • A “mommy” pocket: This is a compartment for mom’s important stuff, like wallet, phone, earplugs, chapstick, etc. It’s good to keep these items in one spot so you aren’t digging around for your wallet at the grocery store, or searching for your phone when you want to take a cute baby pic.
  • A washable/wipeable changing pad: This needs no further explanation. Unless you’d like to imagine changing a massive blowout on a dirty bathroom changing table in a gas station. Yuck.
  • An inner liner that is NOT black: You’ll need to find stuff quickly and having a black background can hide things.
  • Stroller clips: These are clips that attach the diaper bag straps to the handles of a stroller. A. Must. Have.


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