Tandem Nursing

Can I nurse my older child while I nurse my newborn?

Of course you can! This kind of nursing is called tandem nursing. It means that a mother is nursing two babies from two separate pregnancies. Some tandem nursing mothers have nursed their older child throughout their pregnancy. I have known quite a few mothers who weaned their older child once becoming pregnant, only to have that child show an interest in nursing again after the mother gives birth. This type of behavior and nursing interest from your older child is completely normal.

Tandem nursing has been around as long as lactation itself, so this is not really an unusual arrangement. Tandem nursing is a great way for siblings to bond with each other, and for the mother to continue bonding with the older child as well. We typically recommend that mom breastfed the younger child first and then the older child can latch-on.

Still have questions about making tandem nursing work? Reach out to one of the lactation consultants on our team for more personalized support for you and your babies.

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