Support Groups

What are Mahmee Support Groups?


Weekly video chats hosted by postpartum healthcare professionals for moms like you.

Ask questions and share advice in a casual, judgment-free online community. 


Join from Anywhere, Anytime.

Video chat from any mobile device or desktop browser:

  • while pumping or breastfeeding,
  • during your lunch break at work,
  • while the baby is napping,
  • and, anytime you need help.

Real Life. Real Moms. Real Support.

Mahmee has been a great resource in helping me navigate this new world of being a mom. I am so fortunate that the support I get is trustworthy and knowledgeable. It’s not just ‘one size fits all’ but rather a supportive and personalized solution with no judgements, just help.Without Mahmee, we would not be in the amazing place we are today.


–Kayla, Mahmee member since April 2015

Mommy & Me. Made Easy.

Groups for every age and stage.

[animated_icons_with_text columns=”three_columns”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ icon=”fa-home” title=”0-3 Month Olds” text=”Congrats on bringing home baby! Now the fun, exhaustion and unexplainable stickiness begins. Ask a lactation consultant your questions on all things mom and baby.”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ title=”4-8 Month Olds” text=”It’s time to create routines, get out of the house again and find a new normal. Topics include sleeping, teething, solid foods, playtime and more.” icon=”fa-sun-o”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ title=”9-12 Month Olds” text=”First birthday celebrations are around the corner! Topics include motor skills, growing pains & illnesses, talking, solid foods, sleep training.” icon=”fa-birthday-cake”][/animated_icons_with_text][animated_icons_with_text columns=”three_columns”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ title=”Working Moms” text=”Hard to leave or need a reprieve? Discuss the highs and lows of transitioning back to work with therapists, lactation consultants & other moms.” icon=”fa-briefcase”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ title=”Emotional Wellness” text=”Just trying to stay afloat? Discuss symptoms of PPD and the baby blues, and learn ways to care for yourself while caring for your family.” icon=”fa-life-ring”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ icon=”fa-leaf” title=”Holistic Diet and Wellness” text=”Holistic and traditional nutritionists lead these discussions on what to eat and avoid to maintain health and wellness during the postpartum period.”][/animated_icons_with_text][animated_icons_with_text columns=”three_columns”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ icon=”fa-futbol-o” title=”Exercise and Fitness for New Moms” text=”Exercise can help moms recover from delivery and boost mental and physical endurance. Discover the best workouts and methods of caring for your body during recovery.”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ icon=”fa-heart” title=”Adoptive Moms” text=”Adopting an infant can bring a whirlwind of emotions and changes to your home. Discuss the unique experiences and challenges of adoption.”][animated_icon_with_text title_tag=”h4″ icon=”fa-user” title=”Single Moms” text=”A weekly chat led by a family therapist. Topics include custody and childcare arrangements, emotional wellbeing and best practices for single parents.”][/animated_icons_with_text]

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frequently asked questions.

Do I have to sign up for more than one session at a time?

No. You can sign up for just one session at a time, or for multiple sessions in advance. We’ve designed these support groups to be flexible, so you can jump in (or out) as needed.

Do you charge my card every week?

We do not run recurring payments. While you can sign up for more than one at a time, you’re only charged each time you sign up. Our payment system is set up to ensure that you only pay when you sign up, no hidden fees or transactions.

What should I do with my baby while in the group video chat?

Most moms in our groups have their baby with them or napping nearby. Sometimes a family member steps in to keep an eye on the baby while a mom is in the chat. We’re a baby-friendly service, so if you want to video chat with your baby in your lap, nurse on screen, or get up in the middle to change a diaper, go for it!

 How will I know what the topic is each week?

Generally speaking, each week you get to pick your topic. Each mom can bring up any questions or thoughts surrounding her baby, herself and new motherhood. Sometimes, your group leader will bring in another specialist to talk about a specific topic. In that case, you’ll be notified in advance of what the topic will be.

Who will be leading my group?

One of the Mahmee healthcare providers from our team  will be leading your group each week. We try to have the same provider stick with your group. Sometimes they will invite a special guest to lead a discussion one week. They are highly trained and here to answer any questions and lead a meaningful discussion.

What if I can’t stay for the whole hour?

You don’t have to! The groups sessions run best when everyone starts and ends together, but if you need to drop in and video chat for a bit and then leave, you’re not obligated to stay for the full hour.

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