Satisfying Baby’s Hunger

What should I do if my baby is still hungry?

Your baby may need expressed breast milk or artificial baby milk if they’re not satiated after an initial feeding. If your baby requires more milk:

  • Use your pumped milk first if it’s available.
  • If you don’t have enough, a formula would be the next option. All formulas are different so chat with your pediatrician or lactation consultant to find the best option for your baby.
  • Some parents use donor mother’s breast milk. If you’re interested, please consult with your pediatrician and lactation consultant.


Expressed breast milk or artificial baby milk should be used after nursing the baby. Consider a supplemental nursing system (SNS) from Medela as a way to offer the milk and avoid using a bottle nipple, if you are concerned about the baby being able to nurse afterward. Most infants will switch back and forth between breast and bottle without issue.

Looking for more support on your breastfeeding journey? Share your challenges with us and get help from a lactation consultant on our team.

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