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Last week you heard all about our adventure in Anaheim filled with breastfeeding moms, cute apparel and succulents galore. Most importantly, we mentioned some cool women who are bringing exciting new products and ideas to moms just like you. Check them out for yourself:

The Bent Elbow Shop

Lactation cookies with wholesome ingredients

Founding sisters, courtesy of The Bent Elbow Shop

Founding sisters, courtesy of The Bent Elbow Shop

We met up with one half of the founding sisters, Roxanne, to get the inside scoop on these delicious treats. I tried out Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk and our founder tried the Motherload. They don’t disappoint and when someone is telling you to eat two cookies a day, why argue? All their cookies are full of galactogogue (gə-lāk’tə-gôg’), an agent that promotes the secretion and flow of milk. Don’t let the intergalactic name trip you up; this category of natural ingredients includes oats, dark chocolate, fennel, anise, fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, flaxseed meal, coconut and dried cranberries. These treats are safe for the whole family. They even have gluten-free versions and options for dad!

Raising Blossoms

The Cali mom blogger

Apryl with Layla and Rosalyn, courtesy of

Apryl with Layla and Rosalyn, courtesy of

Apryl CK is a blogger and mom to three lovely girls: Layla, Charlotte and Rosalyn. Apryl was in attendance at the “Big Latch On” at Layla & Lisette with her 2 month-old, Rosalyn. She shared her story of having daughters Charlotte and Rosalyn only 10 months apart, and of her support for local moms in her community. April’s interests include “hoarding books and eating pie” and she describes her parenting style as “gentle and peaceful.” Check out her most recent blog post (which we love) about her intimate journey with breastfeeding her eldest daughter, Layla.


Washable and reusable fabric facial pads

We met Connie Simon, founder of Facekins, supporting the Big Latch On” at Layla & Lisette. Connie said her fabric facial pads can be used as nursing pads, as well. Like to support local businesses? Facekins are handmade here in Southern California and they ship worldwide.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.59.23 PM

Layla & Lisette

For babies and their moms

With a similar mission to Mahmee, Layla & Lisette helps moms and their babies to embrace their individuality. Offering handmade goodies and unique apparel, you will set your child apart with L & L’s original style.

Tin and Velvet

Cat lovers in business

cat glasses bough for Anita, found at T&V

cat glasses for Anita, found at T&V

We popped into Tin and Velvet to do some shopping of our own. T & V is a cat-lovers heaven. You’ll never fail to find a cute  and unique item you’ll be proud to give and your friends will love to receive. The owner is very warm and welcoming; she even gave us an almond croissant! I got a cute tote for my friend’s birthday and a house-warming gift for our first (and favorite) intern, Anita. Check out T & V next time you’re looking for that perfect present.


Unique pieces made with magical piña powers

Found on Etsy

Found on Etsy

Found on Etsy and in attendance at the ‘Big Latch On’ at L & L, PIñANIKA has really cute, handmade and hand-drawn items to decorate yourself and your home. The founder, Nika B, is “a graphic designer working [her] little hands to be a full time crafter.” She made some fun, breastfeeding-centric pieces for the event and isn’t shy about expressing her crafty self.


For the geek, odd and unique

Yeti home decor, found at Fan*Alley

Yeti home decor, found at Fan*Alley

Situated right next to L&L, they were once partners! Danielle, founder of L & L, and Eva, founder of Fan*Alley, started out with a jointly-owned store, A Little Known Shop, in 2013. In 2015, the duo decided to split, with Danielle pursuing baby goodies and Eva venturing into unique art by opening Fan*Alley just two months ago. All merchandise that Fan*Alley carries is handmade or original work by U.S. artists and makers. I can promise you won’t easily find the goodies at Fan*Alley anywhere else.

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