Ready, Set, Breastfeed!

What do I need to know to start nursing?

Congratulations! You and your baby are ready to start your breastfeeding adventure. Believe it or not, getting started requires very little. We suggest:

  • A comfortable bra that is soft and easy to open for nursing
  • relaxing place to breastfeed in your home
  • A nursing pillow of your choice
  • A natural nipple cream or nipple butter to soothe your nipples after nursing
  • Soothing gel pads and washable or paper nursing pads.

Now you’re all set to start breastfeeding.

How to Wake a Sleeping Baby:

Sometimes your baby will be sleepy and hard to wake up. They may even fall asleep while feeding. Here are some helpful tips for waking your baby up:

  • Undress your baby or change their diaper
  • Hold your baby against your bare skin and breast
  • Squeeze some drops of breast milk onto your baby’s lips


Helpful Tips for Successful Breastfeeding:

  • Before feeding, it may help to hold a warm washcloth on your breast. Gently massaging your breast may also stimulate the release of your milk.
  • If your breasts are over full (engorgement), you may want to hand-express enough milk to make it easier for baby to begin sucking. Support your breast with your hand in a “U” shape below the breast with fingers behind the areola.
  • Bring your baby’s body close to yours making sure that they do not have to reach or turn to latch onto your nipple.
  • To provide extra support for large breasts, tuck a small pillow or Titsie Roll underneath.


Still looking for more breastfeeding support? Become a member and our lactation consultants can provide personalized strategies for successful breastfeeding.

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