Picking A Bra

Are all nursing bras the same?

A nursing bra is another essential part of your wardrobe. Many expectant moms need a comfortable bra in the last weeks of the pregnancy and prefer to buy a nursing bra.

It’s a good idea to have a bra-fitting specialist help you choose this important purchase. A comfortable, well-fitting bra will feel better on your body and can make the breastfeeding process less stressful.

You should have two or three comfortable bras and one or two sleep bras as well.

Your daytime bras should provide support and be easy to open for breastfeeding. Single-handed snap or clip style bras are fashionable, comfortable, and easy to use since you’ll be holding your baby with your other hand.

Still searching for the right nursing bra? Tell us what you’re looking for and one of our lactation consultants can offer personalized suggestions just for you.

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