Nursing Frequency

How often will my baby need to nurse?

Most babies enjoy being fed. In a 24-hour period, your baby will probably nurse around 7-10 times.

Some feedings will be close together (1.5 hours apart). Other feedings will be spread out (3-4 hours apart).

Your baby will send some signs and signals when they’re hungry. Watch for these feeding cues:

  • licking
  • tongue movements
  • hands at mouth
  • fussiness, crying, or whining


The durations of feedings vary as well. Some will be short, only 5-15 minutes. Others will be longer, up to 45 minutes. A feeding over an hour is considered unusual. It may be that your baby is comfort nursing and not transferring milk. If you’re fine with it, there’s nothing wrong in comfort nursing but be aware that not every feeding has to be this long.

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