The Pros & Cons Of Nipple Shields

Do I need a nipple shield?

If your baby is having a difficult time with latch on, a nipple shield may be helpful. There are many reasons why a nipple shield is beneficial, but in every case, it’s important that a lactation consultant observe the latch and positioning to make sure you actually need one. When used properly, a nipple shield can help prevent nipple pain and trauma. In some cases using the shield can also help with milk removal because it allows your baby to maintain a deep latch on your breast.

The nipple shield can help in cases of nipple trauma (cuts, fissures, cracks, etc.) by decreasing the level of sensitivity while breastfeeding. However, for some moms the nipple shield might cause lower milk production because your body won’t be as stimulated. In this case, your body doesn’t receive the same level of signaling to keep producing milk for your baby.

A nipple shield can allow a mom to maintain a very robust milk supply. Nipple shields come in different sizes, so it’s important to use the proper size to ensure nipple health and prevent nipple problems, as well as promote adequate milk removal and production.

Talk with your lactation consultant to review your needs and use of a nipple shield.

Are you concerned about baby’s latch, or experiencing some kind of nipple trauma? Talk to one of our healthcare professionals to find personalized solutions today.

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