Natural Remedies & Milk Supply

Are there any natural remedies to help with my milk supply? 

Breastfeeding moms will experience an abundant milk supply or a low supply, and it can change without warning for a number of reasons. Here are some common factors that can impact milk supply:

  • Look at the latch and position of your baby while nursing.
  • How many feedings per 24 hour period?
  • How many minutes of nursing and/or pumping?
  • How thoroughly is milk removed through either nursing or pumping?
  • How are you eating these days? Check your diet, caloric intake and liquid intake.
  • How are you feeling? Any stress or fatigue? Temporary illness or chronic condition?
  • How’s your baby feeling? Do they have a temporary illness or a chronic condition?
  • Are you sleeping well? Checking your sleep cycles and getting enough rest is a must.
  • Have you recently returned to work, school or other activities outside the house?


Sadly, there is no method to the madness and there are many more factors beyond this list that might affect your milk supply.

If your milk supply is going down, here are a few tips you can try to stop the shortage and possibly even increase milk production:

  • Increase fluid intake and be creative in your drink choices.
  • Enjoy smoothies, blended drinks, juices and snacks.
  • Add more nutrients to your diet that are known to increase milk production, such as certain carbs, proteins and fats.
  • Try adding herbal supplements to your diet.


Herbs and Herbal Supplements to Try:

  • Malunggay & Goat’s Rue: used to increase milk production in the alveoli
  • Nettle: used to stimulate milk production
  • Shatavri & Fenugreek: used to promote milk flow
  • Blessed Thistle: used to promote milk flow
  • Fennel: used to increase milk flow


Forms of Herbal Supplements:

  • Tinctures (liquid drops): most potent, but unusual taste
  • Tea leaves: least potency, but strength can be varied based on steeping time
  • Capsules


These work individually or in combination, to enhance your milk supply. Herbal supplements can be found at local health food stores, lactation centers, and some acupuncture and holistic medical centers.

NOTE: Always consult your healthcare professional (obstetrician, pediatrician, or lactation consultant) prior to embarking on a course of herbal use. Individual mothers can react differently to each herb and must be monitored closely to avoid adverse reactions.

Have more questions about your milk supply? Our team of healthcare professionals can help you find the best solutions for you and baby.

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