My Mom Tribe

In a world full of judgement, at a chapter in my life when I need the most help, I’d be lost without my Mom Tribe. They’re the moms in the trenches with me, my family away from family.

They offer hands to help.
Their hands drop off pre-made food on my front steps, with paper plates included, so I don’t have to cook or do dishes in those crazy first few weeks with a new baby.

They’re the ears that listen.
They listen patiently as I describe every new, genius trick the baby is perfecting, from coos to smiles to standing.

Theirs are the words that offer me comfort.
They remind me that I’m still a good mother when my baby screams inconsolably from 5 – 9pm each night.

They have the answer I’ve been looking for.
They each bring over a different brand of bottle to borrow when the babe refuses anything but the breast the week I have to return to work.

They remind me there is power in numbers.
There’s been one pair of maternity jeans between the four of us for the past three years and that pair is still holding strong in the rotation.

They know what I need before I say it.
They have an extra large coffee or glass of wine waiting for me at our play dates, depending on how the previous night went.

They remind me to be kind to myself.
They tell me to hide my scale and skinny jeans the first few months post-baby, or threaten to come over and do it for me.

They cry and laugh with me.
They keep me company via text at 3am, venting about sleep deprivation and giggling over ridiculous memes, because they’re up with their littles too.

If you haven’t found your Mom Tribe yet, know that they’re waiting for you. Drop in to one of our Virtual Mommy Groups and get to know your community. If you have, make sure to hold them close no matter how busy motherhood keeps you. They are our lifeline. We aren’t meant to do this alone.

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