Mom’s Lost Appetite

How do I maintain my milk supply when I’m just not hungry?

Once you begin the breastfeeding process, you may find your appetite does not come back quickly. In the days right after delivery, many new moms report not feeling very hungry. Between the emotional energy and physical changes that take place during labor and delivery, moms often feel too tired to eat or simply can’t find time to sit and eat. Although this is very normal and should not interfere with milk production, it is important to continue trying to find snacks and healthy food choices to eat until your appetite returns to normal.

Small, frequent meals or snacks should include a variety of food groups such as proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, veggies and some healthy dairy options. Don’t restrict your diet unless you already know which foods always make you feel sick. Trigger foods may make you gassy, bloated or cause general discomfort. If you notice any problems with your baby when you consume certain foods, you may want to add those to your trigger food list.

Make shopping lists so you always have the foods you love and enjoy at home. Prepare foods in advance: cut up fresh fruit and leave in containers in the fridge to snack on or to add to your cottage cheese or yogurt. Make your own trail mix with granola, nuts, dried fruits and other favorite snacks.

When you are ready to nurse or pump, bring a snack and a drink with you to replenish what your baby is literally sucking out of you during each feeding. Healthy eating translates to good quality milk for your baby. You do not need to add extra fat into your diet to make creamy, healthy, high-fat milk.

Looking for more support now that baby is home? Reach out to our healthcare professionals for more personalized care just for you and your baby.

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