Mindful Mom Series

Finding peace and balance as a new mom can be one of the biggest challenges a woman faces. That’s why Lori Bregman is here to guide mamas step by step as they transition into motherhood.

Lori is a brilliant doula, spiritual healer, and dear friend. So obviously we were beyond thrilled to support her in her latest monthly series, “Mindful Mom” at Au Fudge. Our very own Director of Care, Linda Hanna, MSN/Ed., IBCLC was part of Lori’s power panel this past Thursday night.

Other guest speakers included reknown OBGYN Dr. Paul Crane, magical midwife Shelly Girard, wonderful pediatrician Dr. Edmond Sarraf, prenatal fitness and yoga expert Desi Bartlet, postnatal nutrition expert Heng Ou, and doula extraordinaire Carmen Thomas-Paris. It’s no wonder the audience referred to them as “the postpartum dream team!”

Hot topics ranged from fear, perfectionism, women’s intuition, self care, and postpartum support. The panel shared their wise advice, and experienced moms shared some of their most personal victories and difficulties from the audience.

We hope you’ll join us as we continue growing together in this insightful and heartfelt Mindful Mom series. See you then!

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