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Sleep Training

Good morning! What age do you think babies are ready for sleep training? Not using CIO [Cry it out] method. Can you recommend any books or particular products that can help the process?

-Mom of a 4 month old


Jack* started eating for very few minutes (6-8 per feed) and from only one breast at a time as opposed to his usual “dinner and dessert” pattern. Now he won’t take the second breast. How do I keep my milk supply up?

-Mom of a 9 week old


Hi! Up to how many glasses of wine can you have before you need to pump instead of breastfeeding? Are you supposed to pump and throw away the milk if you do?

-Mom of a 7 week old

Sleeping Habits
Ryder* takes his nap in his bassinet or his stroller/car seat but I still need to rock him before transferring him to his bassinet or move the stroller till he falls in sleep. Any tricks that will help him sleep on his own?

-Mom of a 3 month old

Maternal Health

My question is about sleeping – is it alright for me to sleep on my stomach or will it cause blocked milk ducts because I’m putting pressure on my chest?

-Mom of a 3.5 month old


We recently discovered Julius* has acid reflux. So I’ve been sitting him up to feed him at night. Is this a good approach?

-Mom of a 2 month old

*Baby names have been changed.

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