Meeting The Moms

This week, we had one of what we hope will be many get-togethers with moms to chat about Mahmee. A current member opened up her home and invited her lovely friends to hang out with our founders, Melissa and her mom, Linda. There was delicious food, lots of laughs, cute kids and goody bags for everyone. In short, we love pampering our moms offline as much as we do online.

More importantly, we’re in the process of putting together a Mothers Advisory Board , “The Motherboard.” When creating a service and product for moms, who better to tell us what they need than moms themselves? We so value the input and unique experiences of every mom we talk with. Every pregnancy and child is different and it’s important that our service be accessible to all our moms. Here’s a little peek into what Motherboard hangouts look like:

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