Linda’s Top 5 Tips For Breastfeeding Success

What is your best advice for a new breastfeeding mom?

We asked Mahmee cofounder and lactation consultant extraordinaire, Linda Hanna, for her “top 5” tips for breastfeeding success:

1. Proper positioning is the key to breastfeeding success. There are a number of different positions that put the baby in a perfect place for a good latch. Every mom should try experimenting with several of them. Strive to achieve comfort and enjoyment while nursing and you’ll be more likely to continue for longer.

2. A healthy diet and adequate hydration is so important for breastfeeding moms. Nursing moms need to drink plenty of liquids to replace the liquid lost during milk production, nursing and pumping. Mom’s diet needs to be complete, including protein, fats, vegetables, fiber and starch. Some herbal supplements are also available to help support milk supply.

3. Create a special place for nursing your baby. Sit in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of your busy house. a quiet place that is away from the hustle and bustle of the busy house. Get comfy in a rocker or glider with a foot stool and nursing pillow. Play soothing music or try aromatherapy, such as a lavender candle or sachet, to set the right mood for nursing.

4. Contrary to many of the written guides and parenting books, allowing baby’s hands to be free can actually enhance the breastfeeding experience. Recent observational studies show that baby instinctively knows what to do with his or her hands. Often baby will “knead” the breast which helps with the milk flow and stimulates production

5. Avoid becoming over-tired. Keep some pumped milk in the refrigerator and have one of your support people feed baby if you’re feeling exhausted. Moms need to get some well-deserved sleep.


Linda couldn’t stop at just 5 tips:

Never be hesitant, reluctant, embarrassed or afraid to ask for help from a certified lactation consultant at any time during your breastfeeding journey. These are highly educated professionals who understand your pain and frustration. They will not pass judgment, but work with you to help achieve your breastfeeding goals.

Looking for more information and support to establish a strong breastfeeding relationship with your baby? Become a member and speak with one of the lactation consultants on our team for more personalized care.

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