Happy Valentine’s Day To You, New Daddy

This year I won’t wake you up with breakfast in bed, only baby nuzzles as the sun rises. I can’t whisk you off on an impromptu getaway, but we can hold hands as the sweet hum of the engine finally puts the baby to sleep. Lately my sexy texts have turned to grocery lists. And the arms that should be around you, have often been too busy wrangling our new addition.

But in this whirlwind of life as three, our love shines through the chaos of dirty diapers and red-eyed sleeplessness. The romance is alive in sharing the middle of the night wakings. I see it in my full tank of gas. I taste it in that perfect cup of morning coffee. I hear it when you say I look great, even though these pre-pregnancy jeans are a size too small.

Every day as parents makes me it clear we’re an indestructible team. You stop me from googling away every ounce of motherly instinct I have. You remind me when I need to hear it most that I’m the perfect mother for our baby. We made something, someone, so amazing. We are doing this. We can do anything.

So yes, Valentine’s looks a little different for us this year. But better yet, it feels differently too. Because before you were simply loved by one, and now you are truly adored by two.

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