FAQ: In-Home Consults

An in-home consultation can be a very effective way to learn and practice various feeding techniques, and resolve any pain or discomfort caused by breastfeeding or pumping. If you are considering an in-home appointment, or have already booked one, you may have questions about what to expect before, during and after your appointment. Read below to learn more, or call us at (818) 431-1118 to share a particular concern with our customer support team.


Who will come to my home?

My Nursing Coach will send one of our esteemed lactation consultants to your home. All of our consultants are IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). IBCLCs provide clinical lactation care to the highest standards and have had years, if not decades, of lactation consulting experience. All of our IBCLCs stay current and up to date on professional memberships, continuing education and updated lactation research. Many of our IBCLCs train and teach continuing education in the surrounding areas. To find out more about our team, click here.


What will the lactation consultant do at my house?

The IBCLC will arrive on time to your home. If there are any parking issues, she will call you. She will then review your medical history, talk with you about issues you are experiencing and discuss your breastfeeding goals. Your IBCLC will help you through a feeding and address issues that you are having. Your baby will be weighed on an infant scale before and after a feeding, so we’ll know exactly how much milk baby was able to get at the feeding. Together, you and your IBCLC will come up with a plan of care for you to implement over the next 48-72 hours to help you back on the right track to meet your breastfeeding goals. You may wish to ask questions regarding pumping, healing, positioning, supplementing, baby behavior, etc.

How soon can you come to my home?

We understand that breastfeeding issues can be very frustrating as a new mother. That’s why we try to accommodate appointments on the same day or next day. Appointments are scheduled by your location. We strive to see you no more than 24 hours after you call for help in emergent cases. If your situation is not an emergency and/or you have a specific request for an appointment, just let us know and we will try our best to work around it.


Does my insurance cover this?

Yes and No. My Nursing Coach and Mahmee do not contract with any insurance companies. This means that you will need to pay for the visit in full (call for pricing) and then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Your IBCLC will give you an itemized receipt (or superbill) that you may submit to your insurance. Call your insurance company to see if this is a reimbursable benefit.


What happens after my visit?

Your IBCLC will call the day after she sees you to discuss your plan and answer any questions you may have. After your consult, you will be able to access support for the next two weeks, free of charge, at All of our IBCLCs are available for follow-up consults (video or online), messaging and online support groups through

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