Benefits of Moms’ Groups

Should I join a support group for new moms?

Joining a support group, whether in person on online, can be crucial during the first few months of your infant’s life. As a new mom or as the mother of more than one child, support from other women can be key to success during the early days with a newborn.
Positive encouragement and reassurance from other mothers can help us meet our breastfeeding goals, especially if we don’t have enough family support at home. Then there are times when we can’t figure out exactly what our babies need or what their cries are trying to tell us. For example, you’ve fed, changed and swaddled but baby is still unhappy. Getting support from other moms can help ease your frustrations and troubleshoot what might be going on with baby.

One of the biggest benefits of support groups is meeting new moms and building new friendships. Getting yourself and your baby out of the house to socialize with other moms can be a lifesaver. When you join a support group, your babies will be roughly the same age and may get to grow up together. In so many ways, a new mom support group can have a long-lasting effect on your life.
When a local group isn’t available, online groups can meet many of the same needs new moms might have. We strongly encourage you to reach out, in person or online, to build a tribe of supportive moms around you and your baby.


Looking for an online support group? Mahmee offers virtual support groups for new moms (and moms of multiples) so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

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