Positive Energy: Amanda’s Story

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I was so prepared for pregnancy and birth. I went to classes and had this vision in my mind of how the birth would play out. I spent hours researching but when Isabella finally arrived, I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what was to come next. Giving birth in a hospital can be very stressful and despite all my research and talking to friends with babies, no one warns you.

The day had finally come and I couldn’t wait to meet my baby. My water broke and I was in labor for many hours. I had practiced Kundalini yoga on a weekly basis, attended Hypnobirthing and parent education classes which helped tremendously throughout my whole labor process and delivery. By the time Isabella was here, they wanted to take her blood, give her shots, poke and prod. I live by natural and holistic practices, so it freaked me out. They didn’t need to do all of these things to my new baby. My vision for a serene, beautiful birth did go as planned; it was only afterwards when it started to change. I did my best to maintain a positive attitude. On the up side, she latched on immediately. But it was all down-hill from there. Amanda 2

It was a given I would breastfeed considering all the benefits for my baby, but I never thought about the toll it would take on me. No one ever talks about how hard it is. She was so hungry and hysterical and as her mother, I just wanted to be able to feed her. I didn’t want to turn to formula because of the GMOs, so my options were limited. I was still learning to decode her cues and when other people pointed out her crying, it was overwhelming. It was so rough on all of us.

My husband heard about Linda Hanna through a yogi and she squeezed us in for a consultation. She was literally at my doorstep when we came home from the hospital! She introduced me to a nipple shield which finally helped Isabella latch on. She showed me proper nursing techniques and even how to hold my baby, things the hospital never pointed out or even noticed. Linda really eased my troubles and made me feel more confident in breastfeeding.

It took a few more consults to seal the deal. Luckily, my husband took three months off of work and was a natural. His parental side really kicked in when she arrived. He was the biggest help. We also had family and friends come and help out. It really does take a village to raise a little one.

Amanda 1Having a baby is completely different from being pregnant and your pre-pregnancy life. It’s a whole new world and babies bring so much compassion, love and joy to your life. There is nothing more pure than a baby. Now, my routine and schedule are centered around her needs. You really have to make sacrifices when you have a baby, but life is extremely rich. The little milestones like turning over, crawling, laughing and smiling make my days now. When we go for walks or we take her out, she’s so good and social. I even take her to yoga with me. Everyone raves about how sweet and happy she is.

My husband and I practice yoga on daily basis and we attended one of Guru Singh’s classes. He gave us the best advice. He said, “Please, wherever you go, the baby needs to know she’s welcome.” At this age she experiences the world through you. Parents’ attitudes make a huge difference in a baby’s well-being. My husband and I are conscious of everything, especially our energy around Isabella. I think all of a parent’s energy flows into their baby, so we try to maintain a positive outlook. We’re good to her and we respect her schedule, so she’s good to us. At the end of the day, babies are the best thing that can ever happen to you. They give you a true perspective of what is important in life and help keep you in the present.

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